Knowledge Aid (KAid) is one of Bangladesh’s leading promoters of eLearning Resource Platforms and providing innovative teaching, learning and research solutions in association with national and international counterpart organizations. Knowledge Aid wants to act as a bridge between the world renowned publishers of different disciplines (including STM) and academic as well as research institutions of Bangladesh.
We would like to play a significant role in developing integrated digital libraries in all academic and research institutions by bringing the right eLearning resources together for students, researchers and teachers.
We maintain a close relationship with the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (nearly 100 affiliated member universities), and Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) as well as nearly 50 Medical Universities and Colleges in Bangladesh.
Knowledge Aid tunes up with its partner’s needs and interests and always helps its partners by providing reliable ground-level information.
We strongly believe that learning is for everyone and we will be happy to help all learners in Bangladesh by providing access to digital online resources based on their needs.